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N7973A - How to cut off the waiting time after changing the output voltage?

Question asked by arthurfbs on Feb 20, 2018



I have an Agilent Power Supply model N7973A. In Voltage Priority mode, when the output is on and I set it from 1V to 5V ("VOLT 5"), for example, it takes less than 1 ms to complete the action. However, if right after I send another SCPI command like "VOLT?" or "MEAS:VOLT?" (with 10 measurement points), the device takes around 200ms to give me the reply back. Nevertheless, according to the manual (page 184), the typical command processing time to execute the command "VOLT?" and the command"MEAS:VOLT?" are 2.5 ms and 9.5 ms, respectively.


Doing another test, also with the output on and in voltage priority mode, I set the output from 1V to 5V ("VOLT 5") and wait 1 second before I send the SCPI command "VOLT?", and wait one more second then to send the other command "MEAS:VOLT?" (with 10 measurement points). In this way, when I measure the time to complete each of these commands, I get less than 1 ms to execute "VOLT 5", 9 ms to execute "MEAS:VOLT?", and 3ms for "VOLT?", which match the typical command processing time presented in the manual.


Therefore, it seems like after I send the SCPI command "VOLT 5", to set the output voltage, the device becomes locked for a period of time (around 200ms), allowing no other command.


Could anybody tell me why is this happening? Is there a way I could eliminate this "blocked time"? I need a faster response when I change the output voltage and try to measure its voltage.


Thank you very much!