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FC-BGA package equivalent circuit with PCB trace

Question asked by aguntuk on Feb 24, 2018
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I am trying to create a PCB trace with FCBGA packaging and differential Tx/Rx. I want to characterize the effect of each discontinuities while modeling the channel. Now I am not sure about the grounding and power place with the trace. I am trying to create the equivalent channel based on the following FCBGA cross-section provided in the book "On and Off-Chip Crosstalk Avoidance in VLSI Design"

My created equivalent circuit is given below onlyfrom Tx to PCB side. Please ignore the values as I haven't put the values yet. I am concentrating on the accuracy of the equivalent circuit now.


TX to PCB:

Tx to package:

Tx to Package

Package to PCB_1

Package to PCB

Package to PCB_2

Package to PCB

Now, I have some issues is my equivalent characterization ok ( I am not talking about the values)?

I have used TLine type 2 for both package and PCB traces as I am using differential Tx/Rx.

If the two wiring path (+/-) are used for differentials how can I define the power and ground planes of PCB? I have added planar capacitance (Pic: Package to PCB_2), should I use for both the wiring?

Is the ground that I used is enough for ground plane?


Your comments will be highly appriciated.