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Query IQ Data at Signal Generator

Question asked by svanan77 on Feb 20, 2018
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I would like to pull IQ Data from the Signal Generator (Agilent Technologies, MXG N5182A (Option 654), MY50140960, A.01.85).

According to the manual (as below, refer: ), I can query using :MEMory:DATA:IQ? "<file_name>" syntax.


Have written the below code to pull the IQ of waveform_file already in the Signal Generator.


IP_SG = ''
rm = visa.ResourceManager('@py')
inst = rm.open_resource('TCPIP::'+ IP_SG + '::INSTR')
inst.timeout = 30000
print("Session ID : %s" % (inst.session))
print("Instrument identification information : %s" % (inst.query("*IDN?").rstrip()))
data = inst.query_binary_values(:MEMory:DATA:IQ? "waveform_file")

Unfortunately getting timeout error, eventhough the timeout is 30s currently.





I tried Matlab instead and the below syntax too gives a timeout which has been also set to 30s.


data = query(signalGeneratorObject,':MEMory:DATA:IQ? "waveform_file"');



How do one query the IQ data in the Signal Generator for a specific waveform file?

Hope you can guide.


Saravanan K