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AFR Measurement Capability Using New API

Question asked by Bryson on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by Dr_joel

We are trying to use AFR to characterize and remove the effects of a GPPO adapter.  We want to have the process be as automated as possible. As such, we are trying to use the new AFR API to programmatically setup and execute all required steps for adapter characterization and removal. Thus far we have been able to use the PNA Help file together with the AFR SCPI commands documentation to execute all proper setups for adapter characterizations, however, there does not seem to be functionality within the new API to actually measure the standards. Furthermore, all example programs assume that the characterization .snp files have been created previously. Do we need to create these files outside of AFR by setting up regular s-parameter measurements and then saving the resulting .snp files? Do those files differ at all from the files created by the AFR wizard's 'measure standards' step? Or have we perhaps missed something in the AFR SCPI documentation?