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Message Box Pauses all parallel processes!

Question asked by Sima on Feb 15, 2018
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I have 2 parallel processes in my vee program. First process is a handler controller process and the second one is a RF test process. There are 2 heads for connecting the DUTs. Handler changes DUT1 while tester tests DUT2 and ... .


The vee program can be set to be on manual mode (no handler). In order to implement that, I use the message box (Data>Dialog Box>) to communicate with the operator. The message box is placed in the Handler_Ctrl process, obviously


Now the problem is that when the message box executes both processes stop until the massage box is replied to by operator. Which means no RF test for DUT1 during the change of DUT2.


I would appreciate any advice on execution of the message box or any alternative suggestion to implement user input without pausing all parallel processes.



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