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Why does my M8190A fail when triggering a high frequency waveform?

Question asked by Avery on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by thysell

In real mode (not interpolated) I can generate a sinusoid in standard waveforms, say, 200 MHz at 7.2 GSa/s, with 7200 samples, and this plays out fine with continuous trigger.  Then I use the internal trigger at 10 kHz, and set the trigger mode to triggered, and it still plays out fine.  But, if I try the same thing with the sinusoid frequency at 2 GHz, it works fine for continuous trigger, but running this with the internal trigger at 10 kHz gives me the correct output for about half a second, then the red fail light comes on.  The GUI shows the output disconnected (I am using direct output) and the output switch box is colored red with an exclamation mark.  This is easily cleared just by clicking on the output switch a couple times.   I tried a 1 GHz sinusoid, and get the same fail for 10 kHz trigger.  I tried a sinusoid frequency of 1 MHz, and that works fine with the 10 kHz trigger.  I haven't had time to try to find the highest frequency that works or the lowest frequency that doesn't work.  I also tried this with 8 GSa/s and still get the same results.  What am I doing wrong?  Or, is my M8190A defective?