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FieldFox N9912A Error: 36, The requested functionality is not licensed.

Question asked by TheSteve on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by am95405

I have a FieldFox N9912A with the older CPU, current firmware is installed - A.08.18.

When I am in Network Analyzer mode and select marker function "Big Readout A or B" I get an error tone and a pop up which says "Error: 36, The requested functionality is not licensed.". However the larger readout does seem to be displayed. I don't recall ever seeing any license option for a big readout.

Unless there is something I am missing please add this to your list of bugs to be fixed(If you are still updating the original CPU model - let's hope you are as there are a lot in use).

For your info I have the following options licensed/installed:

308: Vector voltmeter

303: Network Analysis Capability

302: External USB power sensor support

236: Interference analyzer

111: Quickcal

110: Transmission meaurement

235: Preamplifier for spectrum analysis capability

231: 6 GHz spectrum analyzer

106: 6 GHz cable and antenna analyzer


A screen shot captured with the Remote Display software is attached.