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Adapter (EIA 7/8" high power) compensation

Question asked by TrescalTech on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by drkirkby

Is there any way to compensate for EIA (7/8", 1.5" high power) adapters when trying to calibrate high power directional couplers? The adapters are N to EIA but I sure don't have an EIA cal kit for my ENA. I can compensate for thru loss with display math (data/mem) but the SWR of the adapter the problem. The coupler has a max SWR of 1.25 but the adapters  alone are about 1.2; my usual results for the combination (adapter/coupler) is about 1.4.  Any math I can do manually or with the ENA to "remove" the adapter SWR?  Thanks.