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How can I periodically store the data from thermocouple scans for long period scans?

Question asked by abba on Feb 8, 2018
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I'm trying to program a 34972A using python to take thermocouple readings for a predetermined time and interval. In the benchlink data logger I am able to take the scans and store the data on a rolling basis. How could I replicate this using the commands available in command expert?


This is what I have so far:

import visa
import time
import pandas
# start of Untitled


rm = visa.ResourceManager()
v34972A = rm.open_resource('USB0::0x0957::0x2007::MY49013602::0::INSTR')
v34972A.timeout = None
v34972A.write(':CONFigure:TEMPerature %s,%s,(%s)' % ('TCouple', 'K', '@102:104'))
v34972A.write(':UNIT:TEMPerature %s' % ('C'))
v34972A.write(':ROUTe:SCAN (%s)' % ('@102:104'))
v34972A.write(':TRIGger:SOURce %s' % ('TIMer'))
v34972A.write(':TRIGger:COUNt %d' % (5))
v34972A.write(':TRIGger:TIMer %G' % (1.0))
v34972A.write(':FORMat:READing:CHANnel %d' % (1))
v34972A.write(':FORMat:READing:ALARm %d' % (0))
v34972A.write(':FORMat:READing:UNIT %d' % (1))
v34972A.write(':FORMat:READing:TIME:TYPE %s' % ('ABSolute'))
v34972A.write(':FORMat:READing:TIME %d' % (1))
v34972A.write(':FORMat:READing:UNIT %d' % (1))
readings = v34972A.query(':READ?')


I am programming this in python. With the above I'm able to copy the readings after the scan finishes. Is there anyway to do copy and store the scans periodically instead?