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N9030A RF alignment failure

Question asked by tzecteoh Employee on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Vandana Duff

Hello There,

I have questions about N9030A that inside test station with RF alignment failure. Our test station consist of MXG-A, Power meter, switching control unit & PXA.

The test code execute & running in such a way that --- when there’s N9030A perform self-alignment (RF alignment), station’s path connection as well as MXG-A RF output still remains while waiting for PXA to complete its RF alignment. But we found PXA occurred “RF alignment failure” & caused test looping & will only continue once PXA RF alignment is able to pass.


My question here is: does PXA RF alignment will fail if RF input detect external RF source? Will it cause permanent fatal failure if consistently happen in this way to PXA?


Thank you for help in this.

Best Regards,

Tze Chen