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Unexpected disconnection: "BenchLink Data Logger 3" and "34970A"?

Question asked by jerry0 on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by tomc

Here is my scenario:

* I am collecting data with "BenchLink Data Logger 3" from two units of "34970A".

* I tried to collect data over 24 hours ( data size will be smaller than 10 MB), and want to monitor the data anytime.

* Unfortunately, BenchLink Logger will lost connection to both 34970As (at different time) after a couple hours.

           (although 34970As are still running by themselves)

* I know 34970A can run by itself without connection to PC.

* But when I tried to upload the data from 34970A, it reports that channel configurations are different from latest channel configurations on BenchLink Logger, how come?


Anybody has similar problems? any hint?