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Need help with 85101C and option 8ZE

Question asked by SatAntGuy on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by rogeragi
We just bought (received about 1 hour ago) a used 8510C system.  The display (85101C) has a S/N 3031A07846 with option 8ZE factory installed.

The unit comes up mostly but has an error message:

"8530A System Key Not Installed"

The unit does not respond to any commands and has even locked up the 8350B we are using as a source (we cannot command the 8530B to local with the front panel LCL button and the 85101C does not respond to the Preset button on the 85101B.

We bought two 8510C systems - the other system works fine with out 8350B.  Both systems have been configured as per the 8510C instruction sheet.

Any suggestions?  Does the 8ZE option mean we actually have an 8530A?  Is software available?  Do we have to have both the 8510C and 8530A operating systems.  Help?