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E4433B firmware issue

Question asked by RFMWDude on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by RFMWDude

Hi all,


My E4433B came with an ancient firmware version B.02.24, so I decided to upgrade it to the latest version (via the 2-step process, with B.03.20 as an intermediate version).

That didn't work out as planned, and the generator now throws up a number of errors:

ERROR: 617, Configuration Error

Installed option board not supported



 Illegal combination of installed option boards.


The "Installed board Information" shows:

RF OUTPUT                 E4400-60003    EOF    CONFIG ERROR


(other boards are OK)


My guess is I'm dealing with an early version of the ESG "B", with 2 boards derived from the "A" version.


The information screen originally showed:

Model:                        ESG-D4000B

Options:                    1E5,UN8,UND,UN5,H97

Serial Number:          US3723xxxx

Firmware Revision:   B.02.24 (ARB ver 1.2.05)


The question is: since it was working fine with firmware version B.02.24, how can I go back to that?

The oldest downloadable version is B.03.02, which doesn't work for my generator.


Thanks in advance and best regards,