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Generating Gate-charge characteristics plot in ICCAP

Question asked by Arman91 on Feb 2, 2018



I am using my own custom made Verilog-a code for modeling SiC power device. I can use ICCAP to extract parameters from IV and CV curves. As a sort of validation, I want to show gate-charge characteristics (Vgs as a function of gate charge ) curve fitting in ICCAP since it is easy to measure Gate-charge curves using Keysight B1505A. 


To generate Gate-charge characteristics curves I need to plot Gate-charge in X-axis and Vgs in Y-axis. Gate-charge is simply the integration of gate current with respect to time. But how to integrate any term in ICCAP. There are two integral functions in general math section of ICCAP built-in functions, but those function only generate final integration result; not an array of integration results after each time step. 

In LTspice they have the option to measure charge in each node. 

It would be very kind if someone can help me in this regard.