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N7745A Input Trigger Response Setting Question

Question asked by sjtuyan on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by sjtuyan

I am working with Agilent Optical Power Meter N7745A, whose firmware revision is 1.12.

And when I am trying to set the Input Trigger Response, I met some problem.


In the Page 142 of N77-Series Programmers' Guide, the  command ":TRIGger[n][:CHANnel[m]]:INPut" is explained, including the possible parameters. They matched the command reference in the Keysight Command Expert. Screen shot is attached below.


But when I select the parameter in the drop down list, it appears different options. Also attached below.


I tried to program it in some other programing language, it acts same with the software. Which means there is no MME available, but NEXT and SWS can be used.


So my question is, where can I find the detail definition or explanation for the two new parameters.



Furthermore, in page 128-129, there is a segment sequence which is an example for streaming data, but we need to set the input trigger response as MME, since it is not available, how can I achieve it?


Actually, what I want to do is to configure some channels and arm them. I will receive trigger from trigger in, the trigger might be 100KHz pulse train, once I detect a trigger, all the armed channel acquire a data and put it into buffer. Then I will read the data from the buffer periodically, say, read the streamed data every 1 second.

According to the manual, I assume I should configure a SingleMeasurement and a logging, then use the trigger to control the acquisition. But I have not achieved it. It seems that the SingleMeasurement is not working.




My tests in N77xx Viewer:

1. Feed the 100Hz pulse train to the trigger in, set the trigger configuration as Pass Through, I can detect the 100Hz pulse train from the trigger out.

This means, N7745A received the trigger from trigger in.

2. Keep the trigger in, set the trigger configuration as Default. Use powermeter 1 only, set the trigger in as Ignore, and trigger out as Average Complete, I can see the pulse train from Trigger Out, and at the same time, if I keep reading the output value via powermeter 1, I can see it is refreshing.

This means, I can tell where N7745A has done a measurement by the trigger output.

3. Change the trigger in to SingleMeasurement or CompleteMeasurement. I can't see pulse train from the trigger out, and the data is also freezing.

This means, the trigger is not working at all.


By the way, in N77xx Viewer, there are only three options for trigger in setting: Ignore, SingleMeasurement and CompleteMeasurement. No MultipuleMeasurement, NextStep, SWStart.


I believe it must be something missed, maybe I need to set something to make the trigger work.


Thank you and regards,