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Help: to create a Test Flow sequence for a function generator i/p

Question asked by RajDE on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by RajDE

Hello community,


I am a newbie to Benchvue software and Test Flow. It would be of great help if any one can help me with the following question. Thanks.


I am trying to create a Test Flow sequence with a function generator and the flow of execution should be as follows:


step 1:

amplitude A1

frequency f1


Step 2:

amplitude A2

frequency f2





Step n:

amplitude An

frequency fn


As one can see, for each step, I have a different amplitude and frequency. If one of them is constant, I can easily put the other in a list and run the test flow sequence.


But my requirement is to have different amplitude and frequency for each  step and there are multiple number of steps.


Is there a programmatic way to do this?


Thanks and regards,