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Editing Component Artwork

Question asked by seackone on Jan 28, 2018


I'm new in ADS.2011 and try to create my first Layout but I have some issues with creating a new model.


At first, I designed a new Artwork with the dimensions of the package I prefer (see picture 1). The fourth pin is not connected. After that, I opened my my subcircuit (it's just a s2p - element), right clicked on the element and choosed: "Component -> Edit Component Artwork". I selected "Artwork Type: fixed" and entered the Artwork name I created before (see picture 2). After that, I wanted to check the Layout. There is a very large GND - Symbol, that I dont need in my layout (its just the reference Pin for the s2p element)(See picture 3). Is there any possibility to remove that in the layout? Because I want to use the layout of the subcircuit in an other circuit.. My second problem can be seen if I zoom into the layout. Why are the pins mixed up? GND at pin1, pin2 is correct, pin3 connected with port 1 of the schematic and port 3 of the schematic is not connected (okay, maybe i have to connect the last one manually)(see picture 4). What did I wrong?


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