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8510C question

Question asked by MICROWAVE68 on Dec 29, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2008 by tsilchia001
Im currently getting my system up and running, i have a 8515A, 83621A and 8510C-010, all interconnects are made in accordance to the manual except of the testset to 85102A interconnect cable, when i power the 8510 up it returns a brief system interface error message, when im switching to the service programm and try to control the 83621 or 8515 it returns a HPIB error message but all relevant HPIB tests in the service programm pertaining to the 85101C pass, the HPIB adresses are set right , hpib cables are ok and the language switch on the 83621 is set to analyzer
any suggestions ?
PS: im running FW Rev 7.14 on the 8510C