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Backup installation disk for Genesys 5.4C

Question asked by garth15 on Jan 29, 2018

I am trying to install a very old version of Genesys (Version 5.4C). It was supplied on 5 floppy disks. There seems to be some data corruption on disk 2 of 5. During installation it gets stuck and says it can not decompress the file: "setup.exe" then gives me the option to skip it. The rest of the decompression and installation completes successfully. However, since I can not run the setup program I can not enter my Program Authorization Codes or run any of the applications.

Is there some way that I could get access to the content of these floppy disks, at least disk #2 or possibly to a decompressed copy of setup.exe for this version of Genesis? I have everything else including the required hardware key.