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Question asked by burkiburak on Jan 24, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I am Burak Telbakiroğlu. I am a student at the university. We have a power supply which mark is Agilent Technologies and its model is N6700B. I am trying a coating with electrodeposition by using this power supply. I want to change some of the parameters such as current applying and stopping. For example; assuming current will constant and its value is 10A but appliying time for 10 ms and after it stops for 5 ms. Again it gives 10A for 10 ms after it stops 5 ms for (4 hours: total time with this condition). So as to do this I installed Agilent Connection Expert and after opened this I also opened Keysight Command Expert program. However, I did not known the required codes to work power supply by this condition. Can anyone help to me? When I open the Keysight Command Expert, I had this page but I do not know necessary codes.


When I opened the Keysight Command Expert.

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