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VEE - it has been a great 26 years

Question asked by Stan Bischof on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Stan Bischof

Recently published in VRF - quote directly from Keysight.


"VEE will not be officially supported on the Windows 10 platform. Users who need to migrate to Windows 10 can still run VEE programs on it, albeit with some restrictions due to the loss of some capabilities after the migration. In light of the issues around post-migration, we will avail a self-help document for your download, where you will see a list of known issues, as well as potential workarounds for installing and using VEE on Windows 10. Keysight maintains its support for VEE 9.32 on Windows 7, right up until Microsoft's support for Windows 7 ends in 2020."


More details available on VEEOS or direct from Keysight.