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Help with programming Wave Gen. and Oscilloscope

Question asked by neguy on Jan 17, 2018



I am brand new to using Oscilloscopes and Waveform Generators!
I am a masters student in Civil Engineering.


My experiment involves using bender elements (piezotronic that creates signal when vibrates and vibrates when signal is sent to it, essentially acts as a speaker and a microphone depending on how you wire it). I am using them the calculate shear wave velocity in soil.


I want to write a code that sends a sine sweep to the sending bender, receives at the oscilloscope, performs a phase shift analysis and determines the optimal sending frequency (if the wrong frequency is used the received waveform will be useless) then relays this data to the waveform generator to have that signal sent again, and then determines the time difference between those signals. IDEALLY... the whole process would repeat itself every hour with a time stamp over the course of several days. I have an idea of how to do the sweeps etc, i just don't know how to talk to them both and have it all work in concert. 


At the core of this I need a push in the right direction because I don't know what programs to use. I'm totally lost. I have an HP 33120a Waveform Generator and an HP 54645D Oscilloscope with the HP 54659B Measurement/Storage Module with RS-232 and Parallel Interface