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BenchVue Test Flow - Script exit code not working in pass/fail test

Question asked by patrickm on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by w0dz

I created a test flow that calls an external script. The external script returns a 1 if an error occurs. I want the test flow halt if an error occurs.


You can see from the image below that the following things occurred when I ran this test flow:

  1. The external script returned an exit code of 1 as an error (as seen in the first red box)
  2. The test flow then outputs the variable (named "exitCode") that the exit code was assigned to. You can see in the red box on the right in the image that the value of the "exitCode" variable was '1'.
  3. Next the test flow ran a pass / fail test block. This block passed and the test flow did not halt. However, it should have failed as it is setup "If exitCode = 1 Then Fail and Halt Sequance".


Is this a known bug? I can't seem to get any other block besides the "Output exitCode" block to read that exitCode is 1. I have tried using "If Then Stop" blocks, "While" blocks, etc - and they all believe that exitCode is actually 0 and not 1.