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Controlling a Phidget Temperature Sensor with VEE

Question asked by DHealy on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Mike

Just wondering if anyone has integrated into their VEE programs, devices from To be more specific I recently got a temperature sensor device ( Phidget Temperature Sensor 4-Input, ID:1048_0B ) which has 4 inputs for K-type thermocouples and can communicate via a USB cable. I would like to integrate it into an existing P1dB VEE program that I have so that I can measure the temperature rise around a DUT at multiple points when the RF power is increased.


The Phidget Temperature Sensor works when I downloaded a driver for Windows and use a control panel GUI that Phidgets supplied. There is a lot examples on their website supporting software languages for C, C#, Labview, Visual Basic.NET, Python, Matlab as well as a few others. I tried loading the dll file and the .H file into VEE but it generated an error. 


Without getting into the details right now. Has anyone tried using the 'Phidgets22' dll and supporting files with VEE?


I will also post on the Phidgets forum, but a brief search already made no reference to using VEE.