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Did any E5062A's ship with Windows 2000 rather than XP?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jan 17, 2018
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I have three  questions about the E5062A. Two I hope you can answer, but the other one you might refuse to. If so, I can live with that!


  1. A customer said to me he has an E5062. As far as I can work out there was only a E5062A, so I assume he means an E5062A, although I have asked him to confirm. He also said this VNA is running Windows 2000. This is puzzling me, as when I go to the firmware page for the E5062A at E5061A/62A RF Network Analyzers Firmware Update | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement) , all the firmware are for XP, and none for Windows 2000. This is even the case with firmware version 1.0. So I am puzzled how this customer says it is running Windows 2000.
  2. It is possible to load a calibration kit file into an E5062A? I think the answer is no, and it needs to be set up from the front panel, but I would like this confirmed if anyone knows. My customer can't find any way to import a file, so I assume it can't be, but maybe he has missed it. I have created a .CKX file, but I think that will only work on more modern ENAs, not his obsolete one.
  3. Now the question you will probably not want to answer, but I will ask anyway! Feel free to ignore if you want to. Keysight say that the firmware for the ENAs and PNAs can't be installed on a standalone PC - it must be on the VNA. There are all warnings about risking causing serious problems. But despite the Keysight claims, in practice the firmware for the later E5071C ENA can be installed on a computer that's not a VNA, as the attached screen shot shows. I have the A10.06 firmware for an E5071C running on a standard PC. I am running this is in a virtual machine (VirtualBox)  on a computer that's actually running OpenSolaris. I have XP running as a guest operating system, and after a lot of messing about, and a lot of frustration, I could get the E5071C firmware to run.  I would agree that its risky attempting this on a normal PC, so I don't blame Keysight warning against doing this, but if attempted in a virtual machine, it is not risky, as one just creates another virtual machine when it all goes wrong!.  (One needs to start the program E5070.exe, with the /s switch, which runs it in a simulation mode)Now the question. Before I waste any time, is there any chance the E5062A has a simulation mode like the E5071C, or can someone definitely confirm the E5062A does not? If there's any chance the E5062A firmware might be able to be run on a standard PC, I will attempt it, and take all risks. But if there is absolutely no chance, I will not waste my time.