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Ignore GPIB address increment

Question asked by TesterV on Jan 9, 2018
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we use 30 Multimeters (34410A) with 82357 USB to GPIB Interfaces for our test systems, which have to be replaced without effort.

Therefore we have a single GPIB adress (GPIB0::2::INSTR) for all test stations, so we can use the same address on every test system.

Unfortunately when we switch a device, a GPIB0 adress becomes GPIB1. A GPIB1 address becomes GPIB2 an so on...

Further i tried to ignore the USB hardware serialnumber with some REG Keys, which works.

But unfortunately then the device address becomes incremented. 


So my question is:

Can we manage to avoid this incrementation for the whole device adress?


Thank you