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SystemVue tool crash

Question asked by Ravikiran on Jan 2, 2018

Hello Sir,

           I am trying to debug an issue using systemVue and I am unable to get the solution of it.  


Issue : For all this time I was simulating file with name "Tx_code.mexw64". This is a .mex file of Tx_code.c. This ran successfully in SystemVue and now  when I create new project with different name "tx_code_debug.mexw64" , I observe the systemVue crashes. I ran the same code in Matlab tool and  it runs successfully but not in SystemVue.  The error says    " Undefined function tx_code_debug.mexw64" even after the .mex file still exists.

So I suspect, the buffers or cache memory which SystemVue is accessing is not getting cleared so it is still trying to access the previous files and when we change the file name, it can’t match it. so it shoots the error. or this is issue with heap?


I request to kindly please guide me. 


Thanks and regards,

Ravikiran Dodamani