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Labview locking up 8164B GPIB using lambdascan

Question asked by KrutDing on Dec 12, 2017
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Hi, mkelly


I have the same BSOD problem recently.
Equipments are the 8164b(V5.25) with 81600a(V3.12) in slot 0 and two 81635a(V4.06) in slot 1/2
The test system is controlled by Labview2012 via GPIB.
816x VXI Driver ver4.5 and wrapper files are installed.

I am trying to solve the "execute lambda" freeze issue.
I wrote the code to repeat scan every minute overnight.
Next day the 8164b panel showed BSOD with the message bellow:
System panic 2 (system exception occurred)
Task: tGpibCon
System halted
Build information:
Agilent Technologies, view KRFV05, Nov 2 2010 11:27:31 V5.25, build 72636

These equipments just received in July, I think the firmware is the newest.