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8510B/8350B/83592B HPIB problems

Question asked by martine1212 on May 30, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by wb5mrn001
Hello everybody:
I am just a new member that after a lot of effort put together an 8510B system. Yes I know it is old, but for student work is just fine.
I have this nasty HPIB bus error and no sweep, and I have check all the connection again and again...nothing obvious.

8510B  (firmware version 5)
8515A S parameter test set
8350B with 82592B sweeper

It seems that the 8510B lower unit (85102B) was modified since it has a phase lock output and trigger input. Corresponding to an upgrade kit installation, no label to be found indicating the type of upgrade.
Is there any specific connection that should be followed??

The 8350B (firmware version 6) and 83592B (firmware version 7) are not communicating properly with the 8510B. Bus system error, and we already checked the addresses, 19 for the sweeper.

The front display of the 8350B just turns off when the 8510B tries to stablish communication and obviously there is now sweeping going on.
The unit alone sweeps just fine, we are checking the GPIB functionality but so far it seems ok.

Any useful information that you may provide?