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Displays for Agilent 8753D/E/ES/ET VNA's

Question asked by wpmuckleroy on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by SteveReeves
If you have become discouraged about your dim display in this now obsolete VNA, or you are tired of that clunky ol' VGA monitor hanging off the rear port, I have good news for you!!!

The original TFT displays for these VNA's were manufactured by Sharp Electronics. They were a customized display with a 22cm diagonal viewing area. The original Agilent p/n's were 08753-60325, 08753-60937 (among others) and was designated as A18. They fit the 8753D, 8753E, 8753ES, and 8753ET VNA's. The current Sharp p/n is LQ084V1DG22, BUT IS NOT AN COTS unit. The cost through Agilent is $1,275.00.

However, there is a Sharp display that is VERY close to the OEM part. The Sharp p/n is LQ084V1DG21 (one digit off). The last two digits refer to the diagonal viewing dimension in cm's. Well the 1 cm difference is negligible. Everything else is identical and it is a "drop-in" replacement for less than one-third off the OEM price (if it is available).

I bought mine for $400.00 from Future Electronics which stocks this part. Apparently, this display is used in a lot of instrumentation and bank machine applications, so availability is good. I did have to modify the backing plate slightly for a good fit, but it is made of plastic and can be modified with a pair of side-cuts. Availability through: ... 084V1DG21/

Absolutely everything else is compatible, including the electrical connections. I connected mine up in less than 30 minutes and the results are amazing! I would encourage anyone to make this repair and get a few more good years out of their 8753D/E/ES/ET VNA's.

Wayne P. Muckleroy
Chief Metrologist
Bird Electronic Corporation