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keysight 8164B  can not Remote control

Question asked by Cloud on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by mkelly

The laser module is 81606a,  power meter  is 81635.

Wrapper files files for LabVIEW is downloaded from keysight official website, that is for version 4.5 driver.

BTW, the color of the latest version VI icon is white, and older version is green.


My testing code is very simple,

It will initialize system one time at beginning, and then perform lambda scan several hundred times. 

40 seconds delay is setting between two scans.

Attached pic is my lambda scan code, it works normal when perform single scan.

The problem is sometimes the program will freeze 10 to 20 minutes when running "execute lambda scan".

After that, the computer can not control 8164b until reboot 8164b.


There are several phenomena


1.Can not remote control, Instrument screen value is locked,but The local button of the instrument can operate normally


2. If you press the green Prest button, Instrument screen value will be normal  ,Will not lock 。


3. if  you press the green Prest button ,Still can not restore remote control。


There are ways to improve the remote control's death ?? 


Is there any way to avoid the death of the remote control?


If anyone have any suggestions, please tell me  ?



4.wonder if there is any way to replace lambda scan ??


Because of the current lambda scan instrument instability


Currently scanning 2000 points will take 960 seconds