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S11 impedance

Question asked by DryLakeBed on Feb 7, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2007 by dgun
I am using a E5061A to make an input impedance measurement on our instrument. I am using a 1-port S11 measurement with open-short-load compensation and my marker is placed around 10MHz.

On the Smith chart I can read out in Z or Y but I have to report the impedance in Ohms and Farads. If I take the reading as admittance off the network analyzer then I have to take the complex conjugate of the number in order to get capacitance, right?

In other words the B term of admittance cannot be used alone to express capacitance, if the model of input impedance was parallel instead of series. I am confused how the series or parallel model relates back to the value of capacitance. I think they are only related by the complex conjugate.

Thanks in advance.