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S-Parameter Simulation Simulation using T-Line

Question asked by aguntuk on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by aguntuk

Hi experts,

I am having problem with S-parameter simulation of 4 port for tranmission line. I have used "LTLINE2" component as my channel and I want to use this channel later for high-speed SERDES communication with differential TX/RX. But before that I need to know channel characteristics. May be after building a good channel here I can export the s-parameter file and use for other transceiver already built in Cadence. This is just for my basic simulation understanding. I have used controlled impedance line designer to put the line multilayer channel design inside the "LTLINE2" component. Now if I simulate the simulation result is not convincing, the S(2,1) or S(1,2) curves are linear not bumpy. What is wrong with my simulation setup or circuit or any other thing?


I have attached the screenshot of schematic and simulation in the attached file.


You help will be highly appreciated.