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Can't update E4980AL firmware

Question asked by swperk on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by Raymond

There is new firmware (version B.07.01) on the Keysight web site for the E4980AL. My E4980AL is currently running firmware version A.06.15. I've tried updating my instrument with no success whatsoever.


Trying to update using my PC over the LAN gives "Error during installation: Unable to connect to the remote server FTP error." I know that I have the correct IP address because I can use it to open the instrument's web page from my browser.


I also created a USB thumb drive to do the update locally in the instrument, but when the instructions say to press "SYSTEM|SERVICE|MORE|UPDATE FIRMWARE, the "UPDATE FIRMWARE" soft key does not exist.


Although the instructions do not give a clear indication, is it possible that my instrument is not able to be updated with "B" version firmware? The serial number is MY5420XXXX, if that's of any help.


Any information, tips, or other advice is welcomed!