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Geometry error in Momentum (version 7) - 2016.01 Simulator

Question asked by vijaykarthik on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2020 by yasirshafiullah

Hello all,

    I am currently trying to design my inductor of value 120pH for my circuit. While I was trying to calculate the value of the inductor design using S-parameters from Momentum ADS Simulator, I am getting such an error "The following exception was raised during geometry processing: basic_ios::clear". This error is occuring even for a simple inductor design that I do. I am not sure why this error is occuring. I am in need of a veryquick response at the earliest as possible. It would be  very helpful if anyone let me know, how to solve such an issue. Thanks in advance.


I have attached the inductor design as well as the parameters that I have chosen for my design. Also, I have attached the error message image along with this post. Please do give a solution to solve this issue.