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Port Setup in ADS2017 - heeelp !!!!

Question asked by Qalex on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2017 by Qalex

Hello Everyone,


I want to ask a question if only I'm struggling using port setup tool?

I'm extracting DRAM packages that can be up to 100 ports. In ADS, such port setup is very time consuming and require a lot of concentration,  sometimes I need to open 2 ads instances sometimes in order to make it happen.


In comparison to competitor's tools,  port setup takes me 5-10 min with no mistakes.


I have certain features needed to be added to the port setup tool in order to make life easier:


1. In port list please add column  with net name assigned to port and reference name column

2. In port setup please add column with pin number assigned to net

3. Add create pin group menu from selected pins

4. Add create pin group automatically button

5. In menu "set nearest minus pin" please add restrict to Pin group( this is the workaround of the issue with braked net names to segment by wirebond - VSS, VSS#fff123, VSS#fff234 etc.

6. Fix bug of ports ABC sort if port reorder window was opened during port setup

7. Import/export port setup. Make it easy to edit in text editing tool

8. Add flexible tool for port naming convention( for example if I don't want to include reference pins in net name)

9. Fix bug with port reorder window - in always opens small and need to be resized and it doesn't remember last position and size

10. Add the net name to port reorder, filter by die, by the net( why this window needed at all? why to not do reorder directly from the main window?

11. Make net filter work normally with regular expression characters - "*" for example.

12. Set nearest minus pin dialog - allow just type net name instead of seraching in drop down list.




Dear ADS developers, features I listed above exist for a while in other tools. please take it seriously and help us to stop this hard and painful work and nightmare setup ports in ADS .

I know that my list may be hard to understand -  I can show it graphically and work with you together in order to fix it.