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85032B APC/N (85054-60001/60009) insertion length (or delay)?

Question asked by wb0gaz. on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by wb0gaz.

The 85032B type-N calibration kit included an option 100 (APC/N adapters, part numbers were 85054-60001 and 85054-60009).


I wish to find the insertion length (mm/cm) or delay (psec) specification for these two part numbers. The information is not in the calibration kit documentation (at least I've not seen it, nor been able find this anywhere else.) There is a later pair of adapters (85054-60031 and 85054-60032) which have specified insertion length (49mm), but the 60001 and 60009 parts look substantially different so I don't believe I can use the specs from the 60031/60032.


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