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USB-IR Connectivity Issue on U1273A DMM with Windows 10 and U1173A Adapter

Question asked by glowitz on Nov 20, 2017
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I own an older U1273A Multimeter (Agilent Branded) running the original firmware. I have an existing U1173A USB to IR adapter that used to work on a Windows XP or 7 machine. I now have a Windows 10 machine. I am able to successfully install the firmware upgrade tool, as well as the USB driver for the cable. However, when I launch the Firmware Upgrade tool and it tries to scan for the device (which is turned on), it can't find it via the USB port, and I get a red error message to use a U1173 cable.

Now, I noticed that there is a new version of the cable (U1173B) that specifically states "NEW: Windows 10 Support" -- however it's not clear to me whether Windows 10 support should work with the "A" version of the cable. Sometimes the only physical difference between A and B models for these handheld devices is the color (used to be gray, now it's orange). That said, does anyone know whether there is something specific about the "B" model that is unique to Windows 10? Is there any reason that the "A" model shouldn't also work with Windows 10? Is this a firmware or chipset issue in the device itself, or a software driver issue on the PC? Has anyone successfully used a Windows 10 computer to control a U1273A (or similar series) DMM using the 1173A (all gray) version of the cable? What did you do to get it to work? For reference, I did order a new cable, but it's on 4-6 weeks lead time from Keysight, and I have also placed a separate call to customer service, but they didn't know the answer on the spot and need to talk to the factory. Meanwhile, I need to use this and was looking for anyone with experience in using the USB-IR cable on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.