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PNA-X Noise Figure for Converters (NFX) application is not calibrating B receiver?

Question asked by jkonz on Nov 15, 2017
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I am using the NFX application on an N5247A with firmware version 10.60.03. 


When I run the calibration wizard it goes through a power calibration (plus noise source, plus s-param) and I would like to measure calibrated receiver power on B. So I turn on the 'B_1' trace and the PNA says 'No Cor' on the bottom of the screen with the 'B_1' trace selected. If I try to turn on correction (Response->Cal->Correction on/OFF) an error message comes on the screen #515: "Calibration is required before correction can be turned on Channel number is 1, Measurement is 5."


Then I looked at the error terms using the Cal Set Viewer and the term ResponseTracking(b1) is present, so I would expect that the B receiver should be able to take corrected power measurements. 


Is this a firmware bug or is there some other limitation why I cannot take corrected output power measurements of my mixer?