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EM simulation of PCB CPWG

Question asked by _new_here_ on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by bafisher

Hello guys! 

I am new to ADS and EM simulations in general, so sorry if I ask some stupid questions. 

I am trying to design a PCB with ~5 cm lines which run from 1 surface SMA to another. Simple point to point connection. 

I designed the layout of 1 line in Circuit Maker and exported it as ODB data base to ADS. So far everything is good. 


In ADS I want to simulate it and see S-parameters in a given frequency range of 1-15GHz. 


My design is attached, blue polygon is a ground plane and green lines are top layer. 

I have some problems with port definitions, since I am getting warnings for electrically large distance between the ports. 


I defined area pins (see picture number two) for the signal and the landing zones of the SMA connector. But I do not know how to defined a ground plane (bottom layer) to act as a reference layer for all the ports. 

I tried to do the CPWG tutorial of ADS, but there they use only one metal layer and ideal infinite ground reference plane. 


Please advice! 

Thank you in advance!