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EVM value discrepancy between VSA 89600 and LXI WLAN

Question asked by Ben001 on Nov 14, 2017


I have a question about EVM discrepancy between VSA 89600 and LXI WLAN.


when I tried to measure a WLAN 11ac signal at the IQ input of PXA.

I got a -50dB EVM value reading with VSA 89600, but only got -47~-48dB value with LXI WLAN.


I am confused about the results since both demod properties settings are identical in the same equipment, PXA.

So it should not the hardware ability to limit the EVM value, the difference is only the software, VSA and LXI-WLAN. 


Is there any setting I can try to improve EVM with LXI WLAN settings?