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N9320B failed to self alignment

Question asked by Tubes on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by jcresp


I have an old secondhand N9320B, it worked well, but last week I did alignment and since then it do not show any signal any more!
There is only one yellow line showed at very top or bottom of the  screen. Other functions of the machine such as change frequency, span, bw, marker etc seen work ok.

Signal level on the screen changed from very high +2e6 dBm to very low -2e6 dBm and back each time I try to do alignment. Sometime shows +inf or -inf dBm.
And sometime there is yellow -340 error code calibration failed expected file not found at the bottom, some time do not.

I used oscilloscope to check cal-out signal, I think it's ok, but not sure the power level is correct or not.

When I tried do aligment without connection to CAL -OUT, it shows error level power too low to do alignment, so I think RF input is not dead but some thing inside or maybe it lost system configuration.

Please help. What I can do to recover the equipment. Is there any way to reload factory default setting or is there any passcode to do deeper diagnostic test or setting to fix it ?

Thank you so much

P/s sorry for my English.