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Connection Expert can't get past "loading instruments"

Question asked by GT32 on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Laurens001

I am connecting a PC (laptop) directly to a Field Fox N9918A via LAN cable.   I can ping the FieldFox and get response.

I can see it via Keysight Command Expert (*IDN results in a correct response).   I can see the instrument via the web interface and can control the "Turn On Front Panel ID indicator" and see it change on the FieldFox.  My wireless connection on the PC is turned off.   


I can not use BenchVue because it can not find any instruments.   When I run Connection Expert, it just displays "Loading Instruments" (with rotating icon) and never gets past that.  I can not select the +Add button to manually add my FieldFox.   


I have the following settings on the FieldFox/PC (Win10).

FF:  Static IP Address to, Static Subnet Mask to,Static Gateway to

PC: Static IP Address to, Static Subnet Mask to,Static Gateway to


Should I just uninstall Connection Expert and then reinstall?


I did find this post but I reached a dead end trying to find the file IOLibSuite_18_1_22707_3.exe