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Digital Multimeter question

Question asked by jensenbreck001 on Nov 8, 2017

Hello all,

I am using the Digital Multimeter 830. I'm working on the Florabrella. I resoldered everything using silicone, excluding the DIN connection. That would have been quite the redo. However, the last 3 strips of pixels are not getting signal.

All V5 and GND connections are sounding just fine when testing with the Multimeter. So I believe the problem lies in the DIN connection. I went as far as, cutting off 1 pixel and resoldering that end. Still the same thing. All V5 and GND are connected but can't find a signal on the DIN.

Now, I have never used a Multimeter before. But I put it in 2V mode (not sure why?) and touched the DIN connections and all the sudden the last 3 strips lit up. Can someone explain why that happened? At least I know the pixels work, I was about to buy some new ones!





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