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Calculating the frequency points for a log sweep (ENA)

Question asked by Paul55 on May 14, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Mori
I have been having a problem calculating the frequency points for a Log sweep on the ENA analyzer.

Normally, the log sweep points can be calculated as follows:

1. The logarithm of the step size is (log(stop freq)- log(start freq))/(number of points - 1)

2. The logs of the test frequencies are calculated by adding the log step size to the log of each frequency beginning with the first frequency.

3. The frequencies are calculated by taking the inverse log

However the ENA analyzer seems to use a non-standard LOG sweep (to improve performance?), and the above calculation doesnt work for this analyzer.

Does anyone know the math needed to calculate the LOG frequency points on the ENA?