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3458A any differences in methodology between old models and newer ones for DCI 1uA?

Question asked by Random3458 on Oct 31, 2017

Hi I'm trying to test the performance of two 3458A is the older model using SPO boards and another is a newer model which is not using SPO boards anymore. Using my tester equipment, the newer model passes the various test parameters. However, the older model fails constantly at the DCI 1uA range. I have made sure that every component is working fine in the old model but yet it still fails at this test. Is the older model using some kind of different methodology for the DCI 1uA range and somehow made the tester not suitable to test older models? I'm sure my test program works fine as it passes newer models just fine. Only older models with SPO boards gave me this results. Any help would be greatly appreciated from KeySight's engineers as this problem is way too difficult to diagnose with my current skillset.  #3458a