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PNA-X: Embedded LO for low input power cases

Question asked by rok on Oct 26, 2017
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I'm using the A model of the PNA-X with the embedded LO option, as well as option 90 spectrum analyzer function. I'm trying to test a upconverter DUT with a -70dBm input power requirement. The gain should be about 65. However, when I tried it with the embedded LO function on an SMC channel, it should shows a gain of about 7. When I perform a option 90 spectrum analyzer sweep though, I able to get the output tone of around -5dBm. So I'm wondering what should I do to get the embedded LO SMC SC21 gain measurement to match the expected value shown from the spectrum analyzer trace. Or is there a limitation in the embedded LO capability?


Here are my settings:


Broad & precise

Sweep span=100kHz

Max iterations=20

Tuning IF BW=1kHz

Tune Every 1 sweep


and the 'LO Freq Delta' is 26.68kHz.