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1680AD Recovery CD/DVD 01680-14100 image?

Question asked by gslick on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by algoss

I have a 1680AD logic analyzer with a corrupted hard drive which will no longer boot. It is the version with a Radisys SC815E 1GHz PIII motherboard so I am looking for an .ISO image of the 01680-14100 recovery CD/DVD.


Previously this was available at this location which is now empty:


Can the 01680-14100 recovery CD/DVD image be made available again there so I can download it and use it to restore my 1680AD to working condition again?


Also, is an .ISO image of the 16900-14122 BIOS update CD available? The page referenced below says it previously was available here which is now empty:


For reference see: How can I update the BIOS on my Keysight Logic Analyzer?