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8340A 62 cal constants vs. 100

Question asked by hp_user on Oct 16, 2017
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I figured out that my 8340A has only 62 cal constants and not 100. Does anybody know what these 62 Cal constants look alike. In my manuals there are only the 100 value versions described. It seems, that they are not directly compatible to the first 62 of the 100 version. Reason: I changed the synthesizer from Option 5/6/7  to front panel output with attenuator. Now I would like to calibrate the attenuator. I also found some app-note of how to change two resistors for the right frequency slope compensation for the leveling circuit (if this is necessary). This synthesizer was taken from my old 8510C system, and I would like to use it as stand alone unit, as it is still in good condition. Further I realized that there are more hardware versions around. In my version there are two Microcomputer PCBs with a socketed 68k processor. I tried to change the PCB with the one PCB solution with May,88 Firmware, but it won't work, as leveling seems to be disfunctional. I guess there are also two versions of leveling circuits. maybe this can be changed by a cal constant? Is it possible to use The 8341B Microcomputer (since it seems to be the same as the 8340B version) within an old 8340A? Ah, and by the way, of course the cal-sheet was missing....

So: Does anybody know the meaning of the 62 cal constants?