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Use a N9020A for BER measurements

Question asked by Electrical on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by bchen94

Hi, We have a Keysight N9020A which has differential (balanced) inputs for I and Q. We want to be able to measure BER using those inputs. We are sending a known PRBS9 modulated RF signal conductively to our DUT, which we are then converting down to IQ. Our IQ signal is analog from our DUT which would feed as input to the differential analog IQ inputs of the N9020A. We need to measure the bit error rate by comparing a known reference PRBS9 signal and the digitized IQ signal. Is there an option for the N9020A that can digitize the differential (balanced) IQ to generate a bit pattern? Is there also a software option that can then compare the decoded IQ pattern to the known PRBS9 pattern to calculate BER? I know R&S has an option for this with one of their analyzers.